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"How To Stop Obsessing About Food Without Losing Control, Weight Gain or Avoiding Your Favorite Foods" 
  •  Why breaking food rules will actually stop food obsession (Yes, Honestly!)
  •  Why trusting yourself around food completely without plans or tracking is easier than you think (and why this is key to overcoming food obsession)
  •  Why food obsession has very little to do with food (and how you can find out what yours is really about)
In this workshop, Rachel shows you how she went from a binge eating, food and weight obsessed person for 14 years to finding her food freedom where food obsession became a thing of the past. All by doing the things which she'll be sharing with you.

Hundreds of women across the world have also found their freedom from food obsession, binge eating and overeating with Rachel's help and support. The best part is non of them had to find superhuman willpower or rely on self control. They did it easier than they had believed possible.

Are you ready to overcome food obsession once and for all? Register now to learn how you can without losing control, weight gain or avoiding your favorite foods

Come and join me in this exclusive workshop
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